Development of a VxWorks-based Distributed Power Quality Monitoring System

M.-J. Shin, S.-J. Kim, Y.I. Son, and S.-H. Kang (Korea)


VxWorks, Distributed Power, Motoring System, LabVIEW, Power Quality


Lack of source stability of the distributed powers like solar-cells, wind-powers causes many events that should be measured and stored immediately. In this paper, the authors have developed a real-time power quality monitoring system for distributed power systems. Since the system is based on a real-time operating system (OS), it can handle many events that happen at the same time. The proposed system contains a digital signal processor (MPC7410, Motorola) and an A/D board (VMIVME3122, GE). The monitoring algorithm has been implemented by using VxWorks. Firstly we introduce the structure and the functions of the developed Distributed Power Quality Monitoring System. In order to test the performances of the proposed system, some experiments are carried out for several events generated by using LabView system. These tests show that the system complies with the desired IEEE standard for power quality monitoring.

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