Design and Implementation of a Microcontroller-based Maximum Power Point Tracking Fuzzy Solar Charge Controller

A.A. Qazalbash, T. Iqbal, and M.Z. Shafiq (Pakistan)


Fuzzy Logic, Maximum Power Point Tracking, Perturb and Observe Algorithm, Renewable Energy, Solar Arrays, Solar Charge Controller


In this paper we present analysis, modeling and implementation of an efficient solar charge controller. Maximum power of a photovoltaic system is heavily dependent on temperature and insolation. We have employed the ‘perturb and observe’ algorithm for maximum power point tracking. A Fuzzy Rule Based System is designed for implementation of perturb and observe algorithm. This solar charge controller works with a PWM controlled DC-DC Converter for battery charging. The system is implemented using an inexpensive PIC microcontroller. Results show improved performance as compared to conventional techniques in power efficiency and swift maximum power point tracking.

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