On the Invisible Socio-Technical Systems - The Great Unknown

E. Löfström and J. Palm (Sweden)


Energy, visualization, user studies, energy systems.


Energy is an important social resource on which we depend in our everyday lives; however, energy-related emissions constitute a major environmental load, so we need to use energy more efficiently. To develop sustainable energy systems, users should transform their behavior and start reflecting on their energy use. This paper discusses different methods for visualizing household energy use. We will discuss three different methods for visualizing energy use, namely information dissemination, keeping time diaries, and using the “Power-Aware Cord.” Each method has its drawbacks, but combining different methods could provide a way to highlight household energy use and possibilities for energy conservation. By applying the results of the introduction of time diaries and technical artifacts in households when developing information campaigns and energy-use guidance, we are more likely to find strategies that better suit people’s behavior, making it easier for households to put recommendations into practice in their everyday lives.

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