Energy Production from Biomass in West Central Florida

A. Domijan Jr., Xueyan. Li, F.J. Hernández Torres, and D. Payne (USA)


Feed stock, Invasive plants, Gasification, Combined heat and power, Steam turbine.


The potential to build a biomass power plant in the Hillsborough-Pasco County area of West-Central Florida is explored. The effort is aimed at meeting the growing power demands of one of the fastest growing areas in Florida. A new biomass plant in this area could greatly improve the power grid infrastructure and provide greater resistance to storms and other natural disasters. Additional benefits include improvements to other infrastructures in the bi-county area, specifically roads and waterways. A biomass power plant could also strengthen the delicate ecological system that has been so severely stressed from the phenomenal growth that the entire state has experienced in the last 50 years. This proposal could also be easily modified to capitalize on an existing power plant with the excess capacity to utilize the available feed stocks. By modifying an existing plant, much of the costly and time-consuming permitting process could be avoided, and existing infrastructure could be fully exploited to reduce the start-up cost.

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