Coal Seam Methane Power Generation

M.G. Rasul and J. Brown (Australia)


Coal mines, waste coal seam methane, power generation, and gas-fired generator


This study investigated and analysed a suitable gas-fired power generator set required for producing electricity from waste coal seam methane which is being drained from coal mines in the Bowen Basis area of Central Queensland, Australia. The volume flow rate of waste/drained coal seam methane (CSM) is approximately 2000 m3 /h. A literature review on current operations and the processes used in the industry for methane power generation is presented. Design, analysis and calculation required for the selection of major components of a gas-fired power generator, proposed for coal seam methane power generation, is discussed. The generator should be a single unit which is capable of being transported to site to provide a short term or long term solution to waste methane drainage. This study reports that a unit employing an in-line 8 cylinder Caterpillar engine with a Stamford ac generator and a filtration system comprising Nowata and Dungs filtration equipment would make up the major components of a gas-fired power generator suitable for producing electricity from waste/drained coal seam methane.

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