Experimental Investigations of DNP3 Protocol for an Information Embedded Power System

M.T.O. Amanullah, A. Kalam, and A. Zayegh (Australia)


DNP3 protocol, SCADA, WAN, IEPS-W


Uninterrupted power supply is critical to every nation economic and social development. Likewise, having competent power system monitoring and protection is significantly vital. Power industry spends billions of dollars to transmit its critical data more efficiently and securely. Wide area based Information Embedded Power System (IEPS-W) will extensively provide a robust power system communication infrastructure in order to effectively monitor power system in a larger geographical area. To achieve such capable communication platform, power system uses different power system communication protocols to transmit its critical data integrating with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). A flexible system is desired so that Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) can record power system measurements and transmit them in real time over Wide Area Network (WAN) to the control centre. An experimental analysis was performed at Victorian Network Switching Centre own by SP AusNet of Australia to study the performance of Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) communication protocol over WAN. From the experiment, high propagation delay had been discovered which could caused the entire power network unobservable leading into catastrophic disaster. An efficient IEPS system has been developed based on DNP3 protocol using OPNET modeller.

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