Simplified Transient Model of the Transformer during Impulse Test

E. Al-Ammar and G.G. Karady (USA)


EMTP, impulse test, model, transformer, transient.


Transformers are essential and vital elements of electric power system. Not only that, but also, it is the most diffi cult to model accurately. Winding insulation is identified as one of the most important constructional element of a transformer, and any weakness of insulation may result in failure of the transformer. To check the insulation integ rity, a sensitive technique like the standard impulse test is performed. This paper reviews the available transient model of a transformer as well as proposes a simplified transient model of the transformer during impulse test via full wave impulse. The identification of the model pa rameters is stated. The results of the EMTP simulations approximately agree with the outcomes of the experimen tal works on the 25kVA distribution transformer.

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