Real-Time Modelling and Simulation of an Active Power Filter

S. Beaulieu, M. Ouhrouche, C. Dufour, and P.-F. Allaire (Canada)


APF, real-time simulation and power quality.


In this paper, a real-time model of an active power filter (APF) is achieved using RT-LABTM software package running on a simple off-the-shell PC, and real-time simulations are carried out to verify the effectiveness of the proposed model. This tool is now adopted by many high-tech industries as a real-time laboratory package for rapid control prototyping and for Hardware-in-the-Loop applications. The active power filter is used for harmonics compensation in electrical networks. The hysteresis band current controller determines the switching signals of the APF, and the algorithm based on synchronous reference frame is used to determine the suitable current reference signals. Real-time simulation results show that IEEE Std 519-1992 requirements are satisfied.

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