Hysteresis Current Control of Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter using Frequency Limitation

M.H. Antchev, M.P. Petkova, and A. Kostov (Bulgaria)


Single-phase shunt active power filter, hysteresis-current control, switching frequency, DSP.


In this paper, single-phase shunt active power filter (APF) controlled using hysteresis-current control is studied. A proposition to use the limitation on the maximum switching over frequency of the power devices is made. This limitation increases stability to electromagnetic influences and facilitates a filtration of the radio interference to the source network. In the paper, there are attached computer simulations’ results and experimental oscilogrammes from the filter operation together with a combination of load – linear (active inductive) and non linear (single-phase bridge uncontrolled rectifier with capacitive load). The APF’s control is based on DSP TMS320LF2407.

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