Characterization of the M100-12 NiZn Battery

F.P. Tredeau and Z. Salameh (USA)


Battery Fast-charging, NiZn Batteries, Internal resistance, Electric Vehicle.


The M100–12 NiZn Battery was characterized to evaluate the possibility of use in electric vehicles. The characterization includes measurement of Ah and Wh capacity, impedance and efficiency. In addition, fast charging capability was evaluated. Fast charging was done at -20, 0.0, 20 and 40°C and the effect of temperature on fast charging and capacity was evaluated. Results show that the M100-12 battery is unsuitable for use in electric vehicles due to low capacity, high resistance and the resultant low efficiency. Other possible uses for high resistance batteries are suggested. Testing was conducted at the Battery Evaluation Laboratory at UMass, Lowell which is described herein.

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