New Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Automation System

M.M. Ahmed and M. Sulaiman (Malaysia)


LV Distribution, Substation System, Distribution Automation System, Open Loop Distribution System, RTU & SCADA and Fault Operation,


This paper presents a new electrical distribution automation system (DAS) aimed at the low voltage (LV) distribution system. The system operates and controls the equipment connected at the substation and distribution line/zone/pole remotely. The automation system is implemented to support and install at the LV substation which supplies electricity to the consumers. Linking is done by power line communication (PLC) system with the help of Remote Control Unit (RTU) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). The system operates the substation and the connected consumers remotely for fault detection, fault identification, fault isolation, fault clearance and supply restoration. The contribution of this paper is automating LV distribution side of 11/0.415 kV at the consumer side as DAS is always done at the upstream level of the distribution.

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