Simulation Study of Fixed Speed Wind Energy Conversion System and Compensation using PSpice

S. Li and T.A. Haskew (USA)


Wind energy, induction generator, simulation, PSpice.


Wind energy is emerging as an increasing viable source of energy. However, wind power depends on the availability of the wind. The variable and intermittent nature of the wind makes the power generated by the wind change rapidly, resulting in extreme difficulties in analysis, design, research and management of an integrated wind energy conversion system (WECS), which has resulted in many approaches to be developed for studying WECS behaviors. Although a transient simulation is important in investigating WECS performance in a short time period, the dynamic steady state simulation is a valuable approach to investigate WECS behaviors in a broader spectrum. This paper investigates, from dynamic steady-state point of view, the characteristics of fixed-speed WECS through simulation. Corresponding simulation models are developed using PSpice for single wind turbine, a simplified wind farm, and an integrated WECS and grid system. Parallel, series, and parallel-series combined compensations, normally used to improve WECS performance, are simulated and investigated.

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