A New Approach to an Optimal Adaptive Real Time DC Motor Drive Control

V.P. Lukic and J.B. Hall (USA)


Control, Real TimeParameter Identification , Motor Drive


This paper presents a new approach to a real time optimal parameters adjustment, of a DC motor drive and is based on the system sensitivity analysis , and identification theory. The concept is new, and algorithm developed, provide a tool ,for the first time, to control a DC motor drive in real time with an adaptive controller. The DC motor drive mathematical model is used as formulated in 1,2,3 . The regulator is a PID, in cascade, with a speed and current control channels. The theory of an optimal parameter identification, with a new identification concept in real time, is formulated, and applied to a drive system, resulting in a development of a control algorithm and controller. The structure of the algorithm includes the sensitivity model, system sensitivity functions evaluation , and the circuits for the parameter incremental changes. The performance index is an integral of the squared error of the speed variation during the transients. Four parameters are adjusted. The parameters are the gains of the speed and current regulator in direct path, and two gains in two feedback channels, speed and current control channels. An application with a numerical example has been carried out by simulation. It illustrates the concept and feasibility of the proposed approach and developed algorithm and controller.

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