Energy Requirements for Air-Conditioning Systems

A.A.-M. Ali, G.P. Maheshwari, and A. Al-Awadhi (Kuwait)


Seasonal energy consumption, parasitic power for auxiliaries, part load operation.


The estimation of the year round energy requirement for cooling of different types of A/C systems in different buildings was performed in this study. Two buildings were investigated, one with part-time occupancy, and the other with 24-hour occupancy. Chilled water system, with two different types, water-cooled (WC) and air-cooled (AC) condensers, are used as the A/C systems. As a result of the study, The WC system has a better performance than AC condenser in large installation. Also, parasitic power for the auxiliary equipments accounts for almost 64% of the total energy consumption for WC system during the lean season.

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