Calibration Requirements of an Automotive HUD Interface using a Virtual Environment: Methodology and Implementation

V. Charissis, M. Naef, and M. Patera (UK)


VR simulation, methodology, 3D calibration, HUD, automotive engineering


This paper presents the methodology of a system which utilises a virtual reality (VR) environment to establish the calibration requirements for a prototype automotive full windscreen Head-Up Display (HUD) interface. An easy and fast calibration of the HUD can be a considerable advantage for the final product since rapid customisation is crucial in everyday driving, especially if the same vehicle is often being used by more than one driver. Simulating the positioning of the HUD, in accordance to the driver, in a VR environment is a cost-effective way to identify design limitations before proceeding towards physical mock-ups. The system was designed to enable the evaluation of additional usability aspects such as testing the effectiveness of the HUD interface under varying visibility conditions.

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