Contrast Enhancement of Color Images based on Wavelet Transform and Human Visual System

D. Xiao and J. Ohya (Japan)


Image processing, color enhancement, human visual system, HSV color space, wavelet transform


This paper proposes a new method for enhancing the contrast of color images based on Wavelet Transform and human visual system. The RGB (red, green, and blue) values of each pixel in a color image are converted to HSV (hue, saturation and value) values. To the V (luminance value) components of the color image, Wavelet Transform is applied so that the V components are decomposed into the approximate components and detail components. The obtained coefficients of the approximate components are converted by a grey-level contrast enhancement technique based on human visual system. Then, inverse Wavelet transform is performed for the converted coefficients so that the enhanced V values are obtained. The S components are enhanced by histogram equalization. The H components are not changed, because changes in the H components could degrade the color balance between the HSV components. The enhanced S and V together with H are converted back to RGB values. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated experimentally.

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