Tuning Agents' Behaviours using Embedded Attributes

J. Cascalho and H. Coelho (Portugal)


Agent Attributes, Agent models, Agent Types


In this paper we discuss how to tune agents’ behaviours by explicitly modifying a set of affective elements previ ously defined and included in the agents’ architecture. By tuning, we mean influencing agents’ world view, chang ing their preferences and even modify their beliefs about which goals are possible. The affective elements which we call attributes, such as urgency, insistence and intensity, are able to modify agents’ priorities with regard to the resource consumption, to modify the evaluation of the implicit costs of action execution and even to change agents’ view about their capabilities to execute an action. In a preliminary experimental evaluation made in a multiagent system environment, a modified predator-prey workbench, we show how the attributes are important ele ments while trying to improve predators’ global efficiency.

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