Case Representation Ontology for Case Retrieval Systems in Medical Domains

J.M. Juarez, J. Salort, J. Palma, and R. Marin (Spain)


Case-Based Reasoning, Case Representation, Ontologies.


In multidisciplinary medical services (e.g. Intensive Care Units or Pain Management Centers), Case-Based Reason ing systems require good case representations. When mul tiple disorder cases must be stored in the same case mem ory, a highly flexible representation is required. The use of ontologies can provide a top level formal description on case structure, and the capability of reasoning. This work proposes a case representation ontology for medical domains, covering aspects related to the flexibility of case structure and the importance of the temporal dimension. Fi nally, this paper shows the possible benefit of the proposal by presenting a case-retrieval system based on this ontol ogy for Intensive Care Unit domains.

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