Modelling Personality, Emotion and Mood for a Pedagogical Agent

T. Li, Y. Ma, Y. Qiu, and P. Yue (PRC)


Modeling, personality, emotion, mood, pedagogical agent


An important trend in the development of intelligent interactive learning environment has been that integrating characteristics proper of human, such as personality and emotion, into the intelligent interface agents, with the aim of providing the student with a more personalized and friendly environment for learning. The pedagogical agent is a kind of very popular intelligent interface agent in learning environment. The modeling of personality and emotion of a pedagogical agent is the core problem to make it more lifelike. In this paper, the related works on personality and emotions in psychology and artificial intelligence are reviewed briefly, and a framework of pedagogical agent with Personality, Emotions and moods is proposed. Based on the OCEAN model and the OCC model, the model of personality, emotion and mood of pedagogical agent is defined and formulized. Moreover, the computation and the coming implement of the model are described in detail.

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