Genetic Algorithm-based Method for Printer Scheduling in Ubiquitous Computing

Yong-He Wen, T.-B. Yoon, H.-W. Jung, Y.-M. Jung, D.-K. Park, and J.-H. Lee (Korea)


* Ubiquitous Computing, Genetic Algorithm, Printer Scheduling, Local-optimum.


In this paper, GA-based methods for printer scheduling in ubiquitous computing environments, is proposed. In the ubiquitous computing environment, printers may be used by any users in the vicinity. Therefore, an efficient mechanism for scheduling users’ printer requests to ensure users are effectively satisfied is presented. Users’ requirements and printers’ service quality is modeled with Distance, Time and Printing quality. In this paper, GAs, which match users’ and printer’s requirements are proposed. A full GA-based method, and two GA-heuristic hybrid methods are designed. The heuristic method is a local-optimization algorithm. Three cases have been experimented with: under light, medium and heavy loads. The results are also compared with a non-GA method. The experiments demonstrate that one of the GAs works effectively in all cases and the heuristic technique assists in speeding up the search process.

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