Interactive Dynamic Production by Genetic Algorithms

M. Baioletti, A. Milani, V. Poggioni, and S. Suriani (Italy)


Genetic algorithms; Adaptative systems; Interactive pro duction problem


In this work we introduce an adaptive genetic algorithm for solving a class of interactive production problems in a dy namical environment. In the interactive production prob lem, a system continuously generates product instances which should meet the requirements of a market of cus tomers/agents which are unknown to it. The only way for the system to know the evaluation of a product instance is the feedback obtained after delivering it to the customer. In a dynamical environment the domain of the products is changing and the customer/agents are changing their pref erences over the time. This scenario is common to many IT services and products which are continuously delivered to a mass of anonymous users. The proposed algorithm employs typical genetic operators in order to optimize the product delivered and to adapt it to the environment feed back and evolution. Differently from classical GA the goal of such system is to maximize the average result instead of determining the best optimal solution. Experimental re sults are promising and show interesting properties of the adaptive behavior of GA techniques.

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