Current Control for Single Phase AC Resistance Spot Welding Systems using Fourier Learning Scheme

X. Zhao and L. Cai (PRC)


AC spot welding, Nonlinear uncertain systems, Current control, Learning control.


In the single phase AC Resistance spot welding process, consistent weld quality cannot be guaranteed due to its highly coupled electrical-thermal-mechanical nature. As one of the most critical factors for weld quality, methods to control the welding current have been studied by researchers in both industry and academia for many years. However, real-time control of welding current is difficult because the controlled process is typically nonlinear, uncertain, time-varying and fast-response. In this paper, a controller using Fourier learning scheme is developed to tackle this problem. The stability of the closed-loop system is theoretically analyzed based on the Lyapunov theory. It has been shown in this paper that the asymptotic stability and good performance of the closed-loop system can be achieved. The effectiveness of the proposed controller is experimentally verified on a 63KVA single phase AC RSW machine.

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