A Modified Unit Decommitment Algorithm in Combined Heat and Power Production Planning

A. Rong and R. Lahdelma (Finland)


Modelling, energy optimization, combined heat and power production, unit commitment, modified unit decommitment, deregulated power market


This paper addresses the unit commitment in multi-period combined heat and power (CHP) production planning, considering the possibility to trade power on the spot market. We present a modified unit decommitment algorithm (MUD) that starts with a good feasible initial solution generated by a heuristic procedure. The heuristic procedure utilizes both the Lagrangian relaxation principle to relax the system-wide (heat and power) demand constraints and a linear relaxation of the ON/OFF states of the plants. Numerical results with realistic power plants show that on the average MUD is somewhat more accurate (0.3-0.5%) than a generic unit decommitment algorithm and significantly more efficient (1.1-3 times faster) for different planning horizons.

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