The Piston Dynamics under Knock Situation of Diesel Dual Fuel Engine: A Numerical Study

K. Wannatong, S. Chanchaona, and S. Sanitjai (Thailand)


Modelling, simulation, piston secondary motion, mixed lubrication, diesel dual fuel engine, and knock


A compression ignition engine fueled by natural gas or Diesel Dual Fuel (DDF) engine is a promising engine for the future of a high oil price. Unfortunately, the DDF engine knocks easily: this leads to damage of pistons. So, the understanding of the piston motion in the knock situation alleviates for the damage of DDF engine operation. This is the first implementation of piston dynamic study focusing on piston motion of DDF engine under knock situation. The simulation model was developed recently by our research group [1]. Two sets of cylinder pressure data: diesel mode and DDF mode under knock situation were used as input for the model. The results show that the model can contribute to understanding of tribological phenomena of pistons. Higher peak cylinder pressure slightly increases piston lateral motion, tilt angle, side force, and impact force. From this study, however, show that the forces from piston dynamics are not the main factor of the piston damage under the knock situation.

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