Simulation of Falling Saffron Flower and the Effect of Acting Forces on Flowers Orientation

K. Khalili (Iran)


Saffron, Modeling, Sorting Mechanisms, CFD.


Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. Mechanization of Saffron post harvesting not only does reduce the final price but also it improves hygiene. One of the main post-harvesting processes is the separation process in which Stigma (commercially known as Saffron) is extracted from the flower. Sorting the flower seems a prerequisite to separation process. The mechanism has to orient the flower to proper orientation without damaging the delicate tissues of Saffron. This paper describes the modeling and simulation of falling Saffron flower. Geometric model of the flower was created first then CFD methods were used to analyze the falling flower down a channel with upward air stream. Through modeling the forces acting upon flower and the effect of these forces on orientation of the flower were studied. The results showed that the flowers take up a desired orientation when falling.

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