Self-Tuning Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems

P. Chalupa, V. Bobál, and J. Novák (Czech Republic)


Self-tuning control, model predictive control, on-line identification, ARX model, exponential forgetting, adaptive directional forgetting.


This paper investigates usability of model predictive control (MPC) approach in the area of control of nonlinear systems. A self-tuning predictive controller is introduced and investigated. The controller integrates on line identification of an ARX model of a controlled system and a predictive control synthesis on base of the identified model. Various control requirements can be fulfilled by tuning controller’s parameters. Both simulation and real-time testing have been performed and are discussed in the paper. The simulation testing was performed in the MATLAB / Simulink environment while the real-time testing has been carried out by the control of nonlinear laboratory models.

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