LQ and Dead Beat Control Combination

J. Štecha and J. Roubal (Czech Republic)


LQ control, Dead Beat control, Optimal control, Minimi zation


Linear Quadratic (LQ) control and Dead Beat control are standard algorithms for optimal control of discrete time models of real systems. The dead beat control results in very large input signals which are not realizable. One possibility is in the hard limitation of the input signal am plitude at the expense of larger number of steps. The LQ control is widely used, because enables to tune the criterion to our requirements. In this paper the combination of both tuning algorithms is presented. The dead beat control al gorithm has a unique solution. To enlarge number of steps gives us free parameters which can be used for the opti mization of LQ criterion. Instead of quadratic norm, it is possible to use the general p-norm minimization as well.

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