Fuzzy Tracking Control for Lateral Vehicle Guidance

V. Kroumov, K. Shibayama, H. Ohtagaki, and H. Narihisa (Japan)


Fuzzy control, robust control, vehicle stabilitycontrol, skid steer


In this paper a fuzzy robust tracking controller for lateral vehicle guidance is proposed. It is assumed that the ve hicle model is unknown. The proposed controller con sists of separate longitudinal (speed) and lateral (steer an gle) controllers which signi√ěcantly reduces complexity of the system, compared to single fuzzy controller designs. The controller design is based on the Lyapunov stability approach and guarantees the overall system stability and robustness. The methodology for choosing and adjusting the fuzzy rules is very simple and effective and can be em ployed for fuzzy controller designs in other fields. It as sures robustness with respect to uncertainties in cornering forces and externally applied disturbances. The proposed controller can be applied to vehicles with neutral, under- or oversteered behavior. Several simulation examples com pare the proposed control scheme to some existing con trollers and illustrate its effectiveness.

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