Nonlinear Control of Distillation Column using Feedback Linearization

S. Meshksar, M. Jenabali, O. Dehzangi, and A.J. Jahromi (Iran)


Nonlinear control; distillation column; Feedback linearization; Singularity; Disturbance decoupling


The purpose of this paper is to propose a new idea for distillation column control. Since the relative degree of distillation column is not defined at steady state, it is impossible to linearize the system by feedback. In this paper, using approximate feedback linearization, an approximate nonlinear model has been introduced for distillation column. The presented model has the same structural characteristics as the exact model and moreover is feedback linearizable. The control law of the exact model is calculated using the approximate model. Application of such a control law produces an error between exact and approximate system. Using this error as feedback improves performance of the controller. The presented method can reject disturbances due to change in feed rate and feed composition.

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