Framework for Advanced Design Vehicle Process Development

J. Ferreira (Portugal), F. Furini (Italy), and N. Silva (Portugal)


UML, Modeling, Vehicle Design, CAD and Neural Networks.


The goal of this project is to reduce development time of such a complex product as a car design by using an iterative model that can perform many key analyses mainly related with homologation, occupant, mechanical packaging and ergonomic considerations. All these activities will be modeled and optimized with UML. This proposal describes a project for the development of a set of tools that automates many of the tasks associated with the feasibility process of an automobile in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) or CAS (Computer Aided Style) systems. This software tool will provide assistance to certify the vehicle for compliance with all governmental regulations and standards. It allows the users to access the ergonomic performance of the vehicle. All these tools will be written in the style of macro SCRIPT (Visual basic or c++), wizards and buttons will be created as well as the instructions to complete these, often very complex, tasks. Parameterization of the output geometry allows easily the update of the different vehicle parts. The developed software will be fully used in a parameterized CAD\CAS environment.

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