Time Expenses Analysis of Discrete State Observers Computation

M. Pelc (Poland)


parallel computing, computer control systems


• possibility of exact state reconstruction within assumed finite time window [t-T, t],In this paper detailed analysis of discrete state observers from the point of view of potential time expenses required for the observer computation is presented. The aim of this article is to present, what is the influence of choice of observer parameters on computation time consumption. The attention is paid most of all on the analysis of the possibility of application of the control systems in a distributed version in the context of discrete state reconstruction. All of numerical tests are conducted in the LAM/MPI environment. • possibility of choosing optimal interval T, • deterministic approach to the observation problem. Most of all such advantages of exact observers as known time, after that the observer produces exact state estimate or minimal estimation error for disturbances from unit balls for input and output signal seem to be very desirable in on-line control algorithms. The only problem is application of the computer system able to satisfy all of on-line control requirements. In this context very promising approach is application of computer clusters (or multiprocessor systems) as the tools, that can accelerate al of computations for satisfying on-line control systems discipline.

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