Photovoltaic System Planning Tool with Internet Access

I.J. Ramírez-Rosado, P.J. Zorzano-Santamaría, L.A. Fernández-Jiménez, and E. García-Garrido (Spain)


Distributed generation planning, photovoltaic systems, Internet GIS services.


This paper presents advanced planning models integrated into a GIS-computational tool, based on a Geographic Information System, for evaluating solar energy resources, selecting the most suitable photovoltaic technology, and calculating the cost associated with its installation and the economic value of the generated electric energy. These planning models allow for obtaining economic competitive studies among different PV technologies, including power distribution network expansion costs, electric power demands and PV installations in different geographical locations. The tool has been applied successfully in the Spanish region of La Rioja and can be easily adapted to any other region in the world. The computer results can currently also be remotely accessed by intranet and they will be available on the Internet in the future too. The new GIS-planning tool can be applied to real life studies that are useful for technicians involved in the construction of new buildings, engineering design offices, electric utilities, public national or regional energy agencies, economic development agencies, public and private environmental protection agencies and regional government authorities.

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