Mathematical Modelling of Digital Hardware Systems in Timed Chi

K.L. Man and M.P. Schellekens (Ireland)


mathematical modelling, mathematical analysis, process algebras, digital hardware systems, discrete-time systems


Timed Chi (χ) is a timed process algebra, designed for modelling, simulation, verification and real-time control. Its application domain consists of large and complex man ufacturing systems. The straightforward syntax and seman tics is also highly suited to architects, engineers and re searchers from the hardware design community. Since timed Chi is a well-developed algebraic theory from the field of process algebras with timing, we have the idea that timed Chi is also well-suited for addressing vari ous aspects of digital hardware systems (discrete-time sys tems by nature). To show that timed Chi is useful for mathematical modelling and analysis of digital hardware systems and our idea is correct, we illustrate the use of timed Chi with some benchmark examples of digital hardware systems: a D flip flop and an asynchronous arbiter.

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