Prediction of Periodical Variable Structure System Behaviour using Minimum Data Acquisition Time

B. Dobrucky, M. Marcokova, M. Pokorny, and R. Sul (Slovak Republic)


Transient phenomena, Z-transform, Park-Clarke trans form, variable structure system, modelling, simulation


The paper deals with the methodology of dynamic system transient solution, particularly under non-harmonic supply or periodic varying structure of the system. Basic analytic solutions are presented in time domain in the state space acting above state variables. Method of prediction of the transient solution is explained for the systems under periodic non-harmonic supply. The paper introduces, for the first time, a new method for symmetrical m-phase systems with periodic varying structure analysis. This method exploits conjunction of linear orthogonal transform (Park-Clarke) and Z-transform. It makes possible to estimate time behaviour of the whole transient phenomenon and also determine its stability and convergence solution. All that is done just based on knowledge of situation during the first 1/2m-th of the time period. a)

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