Effects of Variable Permeability and Wall Concentration Variation in a Catalytic Reactor

A. Ogulu (South Africa)


Catalytic reactor, porous medium flow.


The motion of a dilute binary mixture of a chemically reacting fluid in a porous channel is considered in this study. The porous medium is composed of little spheres with a coating of a catalytic material. The permeability of the porous medium K is assumed to vary as ( )y edk − + * 0 1 where d* is some constant parameter and y is the non-dimensional distance between the two plates. The resulting, mixed ordinary partial differential non dimensional equations which govern the flow are solved analytically and numerically, subject to appropriate boundary conditions assuming a fully developed flow. Results obtained for Sc = 0.24 corresponding to hydrogen, show that irrespective of the wall concentrations 0Γ and , the flow is in the desired direction.1Γ

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