Battery Efficient Wireless System Discovery Scheme for Inter-System Handover

W.-I. Kim, B.-J. Lee, Y.-S. Shin, and Y.-J. Kim (Korea)


Wireless system discovery, Inter-system handover (ISHO), Heterogeneous wireless network, Multi-mode terminal, Location-Based Service (LCS).


In this paper, we propose a wireless system discovery scheme capable of supporting effective device power management by employing a battery-efficient wireless network scanning procedure. Multi-mode terminals must be able to discover other wireless systems and, above all, to execute an inter-system handover in the heterogeneous wireless network environment. The existing methods introduced in recent research reports have certain shortcomings, such as increased battery power consumption occasioned by frequent modem activation, or the inability of the multi-mode terminal to promptly discover wireless systems. We propose a scheme in which multi-mode terminals are able to discover other wireless systems more quickly and accurately than previous schemes, while consuming minimal levels of power. We also prove that the scheme offers better performance values by comparing it with the existing schemes.

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