Playback Pattern Aware Interval Caching for Multimedia Streaming Systems

O. Kwon, H. Bahn, and K. Koh (Korea)


Playback pattern, Caching, Multimedia, Streaming, VOD (Video-on-Demand)


In this work, we present a novel caching scheme, PAIC, which is designed for multimedia streaming systems. Caching in a multimedia streaming system is an effective way to improve the performance of multimedia streaming systems and reduce the service latency. Previous studies have shown that request interval based caching and its extension for considering different video popularity performs well for various streaming environments. Although there are many studies for multimedia streaming system, they do not consider the playback pattern of the streaming service. In this paper, we present the new caching scheme that considers the playback pattern of the streaming service. Trace driven simulations with real world VOD traces have shown that the proposed caching scheme improves the performance of the multimedia streaming systems.

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