A Checklist for Evaluating the Software Problem Management Model: A Case Study

M. Jäntti, A. Miettinen, and K. Vähäkainu (Finland)


Problem management, software maintenance, ITIL


Software problem management has four major goals: 1) collect information on software problems, 2) identify de fects related to problems, 3) remove defects and 4) prevent problems and defects before they occur. At present, many organizations are planning to implement a problem man agement model based on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to improve support and maintenance processes. However, the ITIL framework is a heavy standard with a large number of difficult concepts. IT organizations need practical guide lines to be able to implement ITIL-based processes. The main contribution of this study is to provide a checklist for evaluating the software problem management model. The research question in this paper is: what are the require ments for implementing a software problem management model. We use the checklist to evaluate the problem man agement model of a case organization: TietoEnator, En ergy, Finland.

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