PROMEP: A Metamodel for Define, Implement and Improve the Project Management Processes in SMES

G. Cuevas, J.A. Calvo-Manzano, I. Garcia, and T. San Feliu (Spain)


: Software project management, software process improvement, effective practices models, reposi tory of assets, processes, small and medium enterprises.


This paper aims to show an alternative metamodel to im prove the quality of project management process. This work is based on effective practices through the analysis and study of relevant models and standards related to pro ject management. It is true that there are many models that improve the project management effectiveness, but most of them are focused only on two processes: Project Planning and Project Monitoring and Control, neither of which is af fordable for small and medium enterprises. Our study pro poses a new meta-model to achieve higher performance levels in these types of organizations.

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