Empirical Investigation on Knowledge Packaging Supporting Risk Management in Software Processes

P. Ardimento, N. Boffoli, M. Cimitile, A. Masone, and A. Tammaro (Italy)


Knowledge Packaging, Risk Management, Empirical Investigation.


Project risks management is a non trivial task based on manager experience and knowledge collected in past executed projects. The larger the project manager experience and the available enterprise risk knowledge, the better the enterprise ability in risk management will be. For this reason the scientific community has focused its attention on the identification of methods, tools, and techniques for formalizing experience and know-how and making it available for other projects. In this sense, the authors have already presented a Risk Knowledge Package [1] for managing risk knowledge during software process execution. The work here proposed represents the continuation of such studies. In particular, an empirical investigation in industrial field has been carried out. Such investigation, based on legacy projects of EDS Italia Software SpA, aims at validating the effectiveness and the precision of the proposed approach. The results obtained encourage and stimulate further investigations in different software contexts.

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