A Development Methodology for Moderately Open Multi-Agent Systems

A. Garcés, R. Quirós, M. Chover, J. Huerta, and E. Camahort (Spain)


Software Agents, Software Methodologies.


In this work we propose a development methodology to specify Moderately Open Multi-Agent Systems. Our model has the advantage that it allows both high- and low-level behavior specifications. There is a large class of systems with reactive components that can benefit from our model; for example, monitoring and control systems, telecommuting services and e-commerce systems. Our methodology allows fast prototyping of agent-based systems in an incremental process based on roles. The methodology, a programming language, and a project manager are the structural elements of the development framework we propose. We describe and demonstrate the use of our development methodology with a real-world application example. It models a system for the collection and analysis of seismic data.

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