Towards an Agile Process Pattern Modeling Framework

X. Larrucea and T. Bozheva (Spain)


Modelling, Agile, Business Processes


Organisations are targeting efficiency through the improvement of their software processes. Process modeling is a promising approach for defining complete and consistent processes. The wide range of notations used in the different process modeling methods, however, causes interoperability problems when organisation’s standard processes, including administrative, engineering, business and other processes, have to be established and maintained. Standard notations in software in other domains such as the business one support the establishment of a common understanding in the overall organization while enabling interoperability. This paper presents a modeling framework for describing adaptive, flexible and business-value-oriented processes based on process patterns. The framework allows people involved in process improvement to define software and business processes quickly and comfortably, ensuring effective and efficient performance of this task and interoperability among the defined processes.

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