Model-Driven Declaration-based Event-Enabled Application-to-Portal Integration

K. Sankarachary (USA)


Software for Parallel and Distributed Systems, Model View Controller, Web Services for Remote Portlets


Ordinarily, the process of wiring application models to portlet views presupposes a priori knowledge of the mech anisms of portlet construction and aggregation, which en tails a steep learning curve for corporate developers who wish to publish content to portals. Herein, we describe a standards-based framework that enables on-the-fly pro duction, consumption and aggregation of portlets, driven by models existing in the application space. Its building blocks are atomic units of data represented in terms of UML. At design time, this library of models is bound to entities in the application domain and to portlets in the por tal space. At coding time, developers selectively annotate their content to assert whether it is publishable and how it should be classified. At run time, the framework uses a model publisher to deliver that content, along with its classification items, as a web service to a portlet publisher hosted in a portlet container, which wires it to an adaptive portlet that it generates and delivers as a WSRP producer to a portlet aggregator hosted in a possibly different container, which in turn binds a WSRP consumer to it, and aggregates it into a portal application, based upon its place in the grand scheme of things.

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