Load Balancing for RFID Middlewares based on Agent Technology

J.F. Cui and H.S. Chae (South Korea)


Software agent, load balancing, RFID Middleware, and distributed system


RFID middleware technology gains great attention recently due to its competitive business value. In this paper, focusing on load balancing for RFID middlewares, we explore features of Mobile Agent System for load balancing to RFID middlewares, policies to implement agents based load-balancing platform, and propose a decentralized approach to load balancing for RFID middlewares. Two agents, LGA and RLBA are proposed to gather global workload of RFID middlewares and execute load balancing. Mobile agents dynamically bind readers to middlewares according to the workload status of each middleware. This proposed approach efficiently improves system availability, scalability, and decrease the cost of ownership for RFID Middleware.

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