Web based Middleware Framework for Interoperability between Heterogeneous, Distributed Biodiversity Data Resources

R. Sundaravadivelu, R.J. White, A.C. Jones, and W.A. Gray (UK)


Interoperability, Biodiversity, Query processing, Heterogeneous databases.


The BUFFIE (Biodiversity Users Framework For Interoperability Experiments) project is a software engineering approach combining service oriented architecture, ontologies and extensible processing methods. Solving interoperability issues in heterogeneous and distributed biodiversity databases is highly challenging as it requires a clear understanding of various communication protocols and concepts in biology combined with computer technologies. Data providers form different network communities often using XML communication within the DiGIR architecture for enabling access to distributed databases. The Darwin Core V2 and ABCD standards were used prominently by disparate data resources. Existing systems only allow searching data within a network community. BUFFIE is proposed as a solution to overcome this limitation by interoperating among various network communities at the syntax and semantic levels and improving data responses before presenting it to the user. BUFFIE was designed, developed and tested using real data provided from resources in Israel, The Netherlands and Austria. BUFFIE 1.0 was implemented on windows 2003 server and successfully demonstrated the interoperation of heterogeneous databases in the ENBI meeting at Stockholm in October 2005. BUFFIE V2.0 is implemented & now being tested.

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