A Practical Approach to Task-Dialog and Abstract Presentation Modeling of Graphical User Interfaces

S. Römer, J. Mayer, F. Schweiggert, M. Maier, and T. Vollmer (Germany)


Graphical User Interface, Task-Dialog Model, Abstract Presentation Model, Model Driven Architecture


PRESENTATION MODELING OF GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACES Stefan R¨omer, Johannes Mayer, Franz Schweiggert Institute of Applied Information Processing Ulm University D–89069 Ulm, Germany email: {stefan.roemer,johannes.mayer,franz.schweiggert}@uni-ulm.de Martina Maier, Tobias Vollmer eXXcellent solutions gmbh Beim Alten Fritz 2 D–89075 Ulm, Germany email: {m.maier,t.vollmer}@exxcellent.de ABSTRACT While Model Driven Architecture (MDA) has already been adopted by companies for the development of business and persistence layers, there has been no general adoption of a model-driven approach for graphical user interface (GUI) development. Therefore, the present paper describes a practical and pragmatic approach for task-dialog and ab stract presentation modeling of GUIs. The presented model has already been used to generate user interfaces. It will be shown how UML activity diagrams can be extended in or der to enable automated code genertation from the model— with some manual intervention (with a GUI builder to lay out the GUI components). A sample application will be described in order to show how the presented model can be used.

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