Introducing Fault Tree Analysis into Product Line Software Engineering for Exception Handling Feature Exploitation

A. Noda, T. Nakanishi, T. Kitasuka, and A. Fukuda (Japan)


Software Product Line, Software Product Family, Fault Tree Analysis, Feature Diagram, Exception Handling


In product line software development, developers recog nize functional and non-functional features of the product members of a product line, analyze commonality and vari ability of the product members in terms of their equipping features, and construct or acquire core assets with consid eration of reusability. The method proposed in this paper is for reusability of exception handling that are consider able parts of products. The proposing method exploits ex ception handling features with using fault tree analysis (or FTA), reflects the exploited features in the feature diagram, and enables management of core assets with keeping trace ability from feature diagram. The proposing method re duces omission of exception handling, moreover, manages the constructed fault tree as a core asset and enables deriva tion of fault trees of product members of the product line to use them for improving safety and reliability.

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