Design Time Employment Optimization for Component based Systems

B. Boone, T. Verdickt, B. Dhoedt, and F. De Turck (Belgium)


Software Performance Engineering, ILP, Deployment Op timization, UML


In order to ensure system performance, it is necessary to model the performance of a system during the entire de velopment phase. Traditional performance modeling ap proaches, however, lack the ability to optimize the deploy ment of a distributed system, which is a critical perfor mance aspect. Existing methodologies for performance op timization, on the other hand, often lack accuracy or the ability to express resource constraints. In this paper, an ILP-based methodology is presented that allows to optimize the deployment of a distributed sys tem, starting from the UML system model. The applicabil ity of the approach is demonstrated using two different case studies, and the approach is validated by comparing the cal culated optimal deployment to the results of modeling the system performance using layered queuing networks.

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