A Survey of the Problems of Time-Stamping or Why it is Necessary to Have Another Time-Stamping Scheme

C. Marinescu and N. Ţǎpuş (Romania)


communication protocols, digital signatures, PKI, security, timestamping, TSA.


One of the most important problems users of digital signa tures are facing is establishing the exact moment the signa ture was created. Because many non-repudiation and au thentication services require this capacity, it is very impor tant to deliver trustworthy and secure time-stamping ser vices. But what is the real importance of time-stamping? Is it possible to deliver secure time-stamp services based on the protocols known today? If not, what other proto cols are needed to achieve this task? This paper presents some of the problems that time-stamping techniques are confronted with and tries to put the advantages and disad vantages of the different available time-stamping schemes in perspective. The paper also aims to propose one possi bility to overcome the current dead-end in achieving highly secure time-stamping schemes.

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