Modeling and Visualization of Time-Varying Topology Transitions Guided by Hyper Reeb Graph Structures

P. Keller and M. Bertram (Germany)


Geometric Modeling, Hyper Reeb Graph, Time Varying Topology, 3D Mesh Animation, Solid Modeling.


We have implemented an interactive tool to reconstruct time varying geometric representations from given Hyper Reeb Graph (HRG) structures reflecting the topological behavior of the underlying data. Objects possessing the topology of a specified Reeb Graph structure are generated from a set of modules. Modifications of a RG over time induce topological changes concerning the structure of the geometric representation. Our main focus points toward the problem of finding appropriate parameterizations leading to smooth transitions over time and visualizing the topological changes using time-varying 3D meshes representing the underlying HRG structure. We highlight the problems and challenges associated to this topic.

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